Dr. Michael Kirch is assistant professor (Akademischer Rat) at the Department of Primary School Pedagogy and Didactics at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich.

He is initiator of the project  “UNI-Klassen“. The “UNI-Klasse” is a teaching and learning lab in a school, organised and run by a university. This academic classroom allows school lessons to be recorded and monitored without disturbance and without the feeling of being in a laboratory situation.

Here, the students may change, design and, based on video records, evaluate the classroom facilities according to the lesson’s goal. The aim of “UNI-Klassen” is to make teaching and learning visible. It illustrates the multifaceted influence the (class)room has on teaching.

Ever since the project started more than 10 years ago, Dr. Michael Kirch has been dealing with the interior design in schools and classrooms. He knows how important it is for students to reflect on the classroom and its impact at a very early stage of teacher training.

Dr. Michael Kirch advises schools and local authorities on renovation and new school projects. He assists teaching staff in creating innovative teaching and learning environments. Eromesmarko has supported the “UNI-Klassen” project from the very beginning and we highly appreciate the close cooperation with Dr. Michael Kirch.

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