Being part of the solution

Circular furnishing

More and more, the world is facing major social problems such as emissions, pollution and the depletion of natural resources. Many educational institutions are doing their bit to solve these problems by setting increasingly ambitious sustainability goals. In order to achieve these goals, more and more attention is being paid to a fully circular design process, but how does this take shape in everyday life? As an educational designer with many years of experience in circular furnishing, we are in a unique position to provide useful recommendations or assistance.

Charting furniture and options


Our focus on circular furnishing starts way before the new furniture is even ordered. We have developed a special inventory scan app to map out which furniture is available at each location and what the technical state and possibilities of this furniture are. This gives us the tools to meet almost any interior design demand with existing furniture. Even if you do not wish to keep the existing furniture, we can use the app to see at a glance where this furniture can still be used. This can be in-house or with one of the many other educational partners involved in our circular process. This way, we get the most out of existing furniture.


From app to awareness

Broad support

In addition, the inventory app provides information on the status of the existing furniture. This facilitates optimal maintenance in order to extend the lifespan and it makes any revitalisation after the period of use easier. This is also a major benefit in terms of circularity. In addition to our inventory app, we also contribute to circularity in other ways. For example, we help make your sustainability ambitions and initiatives known to a wider audience. After all, a circular design is something to be proud of! For that purpose we have the special accessories of our Zooi label and we can install various informative and interactive interior elements and custom-made projects. This way we actively involve the educational team, pupils, parents, students and/or visitors in (the importance of) circularity!

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