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Circular furnishing

More and more educational institutions are putting their increasingly ambitious sustainability goals into practice with a completely circular design process. As the leading dynamic and sustainable education furnisher with long-standing experience in this field, we have all the knowledge to think and work with you in the best possible way. For example, we offer various possibilities for taking stock efficiently, ‘moving’ your existing furniture and using smart solutions to meet all your needs in the most circular way possible. Would you like to know how we do this?

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We prefer to do nothing

Life time extension

The most circular option is to use furniture for longer and therefore postpone a new purchase for as long as possible. In order to do ‘nothing’ at the end of the economic life span, we make every effort to optimise the technical life span of the furniture throughout its entire life cycle. How do we do this?

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The double life of our products

Second Life

And when you do come to the point that you have to change your furniture, we offer many circular options for this purpose as well. Your old furniture can be repurposed 1-to-1 at a different location and there are plenty of options for revitalisation and second-hand furniture. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of giving your furniture a second life? We are happy to explain the options to you.

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Recycled and recyclable

New and still circular

So new furniture is not circular at all? It is at Eromesmarko! Thanks to a combination of modular and solid furniture designs, our furniture lasts a long time and is also 100% recyclable. We minimise our use of new raw materials by reusing them. We already use a lot of recycled or bio-based raw materials. Would you like to know more about making new furniture without new raw materials?

Our circular success stories

Questions on circular furnishing?


Our circular project team is always available for consultation on the possibilities that are best suited to your situation. Make an appointment via +31 (0)24 750 2300 or circulair@eromesmarko.nl.

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