Levo: the chair for everyone!

“Every year it’s the same song at school. The youngest is too small for her age and on the first day of school I see her again at a table that is too big. Her feet haven’t reached the ground yet. The teacher told us to wait, because the table was chosen to suit her growing height but when I asked her a few questions it turned out that they just don’t have enough small tables and chairs. Next week she’ll start in grade 6 and I am expecting the same problem again.”

For many schools and parents the story of this mother is a very familiar scenario. Not the best way to start the first school day of the year. Eromesmarko, as an educational designer, has often thought about this problem. From a facility point of view, it is a tough job to have and keep the right chairs and tables in stock.

The Levo is one and the same chair for all primary school students that fits a size 6 student table. Sizes B2 to F6 can be easily adjusted with the new Levo student chair. An ergonomic advantage for the child and the parent.

Meaning: the same chair for the whole primary school. Schools are becoming increasingly multifunctional and the Levo can make it happen. Now the classroom is not only suitable for students in grade 3. Grade 7 can also use the classroom on the same day.  Students work at the same height and are equal to each other. This is great for the teacher, who can be flexible in teaching.

From a facility point of view, the use of the height-adjustable chair has an advantage. It is no longer necessary to have a lot of different sizes of chairs and tables in stock. The Levo means ergonomic and flexible sitting for every primary school student.

Unique features:

  • The heights from 2 to 6 in one single chair
  • Easy and tool-free adjustment.
  • Ergonomically sound: NEN 1729 approved on all seat heights.
  • Designed in collaboration with designer and colour specialist Floris Hovers.

Students work at the same table height (76 cm).

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