Who are we

EromesMarko and its employees function in a very horizontal and innovative organisation, all connected by a strong passion for furnishing. The core range has been designed by our own industrial designers, they have extensive experience with the specific (logistical) wants and needs of a school. We manufacture our -made in Holland- products in our modern production locations in Wijchen, Hoogeveen and Emmen (the Netherlands).



EromesMarko is proud to be “made in Holland”. Our products are all designed, manufactured and transported by us.

EromesMarko controls every aspect of the furniture, from design to delivery. Want to know more?


The EromesMarkoschool is an initiative to offer all those in the education sector an introduction to the latest developments in this sector as well as an opportunity to exchange ideas. We organise a number of seminars throughout the year with a variety of topics, such as educational innovation, evolving learning environments and school ambiance.

Interior studio

The Studio is a group of interior architects, they support schools in all occuring design issues. The interior architects are all registered with the Association of Dutch Interior Architects (BNI) or have received a higher artistic education.  On the one hand, the studio designs mapping schemes which determine the primary functions, the space required and the positioning in a building and on the other hand they design detailed layouts per space, floor or on a building level, with a scaled drawing of the selected furniture in accordance with the Design Brief as determined with the user(s). A colour plan is also part of our service.



EromesMarko is a member of the VDB Group, a solid group of Dutch manufacturers of office, project and educational furniture with more than 300 employees on production locations in the Dutch cities of Hoogeveen, Emmen, Wijchen and Breda. In addition to EromesMarko, the VDB Group includes Vepa, Drentea, NPO, Facility Express and Bèta.

Unfortunately, we do not have any open vacancies at this moment.
However, you can always send us an open application. Please e-mail us at vacature@eromesmarko.nl

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