Interior design and interior architects

Education is continuously changing and an interior should be able to support and express these changes. The interior architects and designers at the Studio work in teams on the design issues in education. Your education.

Area plan
Based on the design issue, a plan is drawn with an adequate response to the issue as well as requirements and consequences for dimensions, numbers and colour schemes of furniture, and interior construction. The colours and materials already present in the building, as well as the spacial context of the building are also included.

Interior design
In addition to the Area plan, an Interior design which includes the finish and decoration of the space as a whole is made. Colours and materials of walls and floors are integrated in the design and can either remain of be redesigned. Priority is always the agreed limits within which an interior design can be made. However, we will push those limits if it would increase the added value of the design issue. Allowing more space for making conscious choices.

Concept development
Apparently your educational ambitions and targets exceed the possibilities of your building or can be realised in a new building. Together, and with inspiration and creativity, a Design brief is developed to facilitate and meet these ambitions and targets. In existing buildings we like to test the limits of the possibilities, with or without structural adjustments. In new buildings we like to pick up the thread of the building design and lead it further to an educational interior that will inspire, facilitate and match your ambitions.
Involvement and inspiration is in our genes and is expressed in our designs. We take full advantage of our education-wide experience. Every design is clearly visualised and processed in presentations so that everyone in your organisation can get a good picture.