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Who are we

EromesMarko and its employees function in a very horizontal and innovative organisation, all connected by a strong passion for furnishing. The core range has been designed by our own industrial designers, they have extensive experience with the specific (logistical) wants and needs of a school. We manufacture our -made in Holland- products in our modern production locations in Wijchen, Hoogeveen and Emmen (the Netherlands).

At EromesMarko we have our own way of doing business, we have opened the doors. We collaborate with the education sector and surrounding parties, such as educational consultancy agencies, architects, suppliers of walls, ceilings, floors, lighting and many more. Thanks to our collaboration with the Rolf Group we now have extensive knowledge on ICT, learning and playing materials, childcare and teaching methods. Also, the workshops organised in our building by Knapvilla have proven to be an enrichment for our daily business operations.

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We work with

The Rolf group

EromesMarko works exclusively with the Rolf Group. The purpose of this collaboration is to optimally provide furnishing solutions, based on a pedagogical and didactical vision, for the care of and education to children between the ages of 0 and 12 years.


Knapvilla is a training centre for talents. Workshops based on the multiple intelligence perspective are organised to engage educators and to give substance to multiple intelligence. These workshops take place in the EromesMarko building.


vrienDD is a young, fresh and creative company specialising in complete solutions for your outdoor area. They analyse, design and furnish the complete outdoor area for you. vrienDD provides not only play equipment, sports equipment, street furniture and bikeparking solutions, but also custom solutions, surfaces, landscaping and green areas as well as maintenance and management.

vrienDD and EromesMarko have an exclusive partnership for secondary education, secondary vocational education and higher and academic education. Together we are able to provide complete furnishing projects for educational institutions, both indoors and outdoors.

A solid group

EromesMarko is a member of the VDB Group. A solid group of Dutch manufacturers of office, project and educational furniture with more than 300 employees on production locations in the Dutch cities of Hoogeveen, Emmen, Wijchen and Breda. In addition to EromesMarko, the VDB Group includes:

  • Drentea Office Furniture
  • Nice Price Office
  • Bèta Office Chairs
  • Vepa project furniture
  • Facility Express (transport company)
  • Green Furniture Circle

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have our own way of doing business, based on the principles of fair trade and our extensive work experience. Our business operations as well as our designs and concepts are based on the Circular Economy principals. In a circular economy products and materials are re-used and resources retain their value. This offers a lot of possibilities: increased chain cooperation, innovation, decrease in the use of resources and less waste.

We go beyond that
In order to produce as eco-friendly as possible we go well beyond what the law requires. We believe sustainable business is the entire route from resources to taking back and recycling delivered products as well as a pro-active care for a better working environment and a better society.

We have known our suppliers for years and we have clear agreements with them, giving us complete control of our products. The majority of our suppliers is from the Netherlands and the remainder is from Western Europe. This ensures a safe and sustainable chain.