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From educational vision to furnishing concept

To contribute, share knowledge and inspire; that’s what Eromesmarko is all about. With a wealth of experience, we understand exactly what kind of challenges you face when designing an educational space. That’s why we like to be involved and come up with creative solutions for every wish, situation and budget. We also help to translate the mission and vision of an educational institution into a suitable furnishing concept. Our advice goes beyond the best table height or a matching chair. Together with all those involved, we look at how we can create the perfect future-proof learning environment with a sustainable and smart interior, specifically for your educational institution. An environment where learning lives!

Below you can read how we put 100% helpful into practice.

Six design pillars

Together with the HAN University of Applied Sciences Arnhem & Nijmegen, Eromesmarko researched the housing and design of educational institutions. We have used the results to formulate six pillars, as a basis for a future-proof (physical) learning environment: diversity, freedom of choice, identity, flexibility, meeting and sustainable & green. The ‘six pillars exploration table’ has already proven to be a valuable tool for many school leaders and (facility) managers.


What does the school of your dreams look like? How do we cleverly arrange the layout of the building? How can you use colours and materials to create a safe, peaceful environment? Choosing a new design can be a beautiful collaborative process. We offer various creative workshops for school teams, parents and students to come up with the best ideas and approach.

Involvement and support

In every furnishing project, we ask users and those involved for their input and experiences. For example, we invite teams and students to actively participate in the development of the project, so that it really becomes ‘their’ design. In this way, we arrive at the best solutions together and support is created among all those involved for the choices and changes that have been made.

Creative studio

Education is constantly changing. It is important for the success of these changes that the school interior design supports and even stimulates new developments. This results in interesting issues and challenges, which our interior architects and designers commit to every day. In close consultation with our clients, of course. On the basis of a floor plan, we create an interior design that also includes room for ‘out of the box’ ideas and initiatives. Each project team regularly discusses its projects with the other teams to make use of everyone’s input and expertise.

Look further, share knowledge

To provide our clients with not only the very best furniture, but also up-to-date knowledge from the field of education, we literally look beyond our own borders. Our designers and consultants learn from what is happening in education in the rest of Europe. We use this knowledge to keep innovating ourselves and to further enrich our clients.

Personal relationship and contact

We place great value on building a personal relationship with our customers. Every school is therefore linked to an individual design consultant and sales representative. They are your permanent points of contact. Upon request, we are happy to show you around one of our factories and you are always welcome in our showrooms in Wijchen, Hoogeveen, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.

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