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Enthusiastic employees

Involved in education

At Eromesmarko, around 100 enthusiastic employees dedicate themselves to educational innovation on a daily basis. Our work is not limited to just the design and production of sustainable furniture. We also develop creative solutions to improve the housing and furnishing of educational institutions. Together with partners from the education sector and related organisations.

Below are a few examples.

The Meshallen

Eromesmarko is the initiator and member of the Meshallen: the platform (physical and virtual) where education, government and businesses come together to inspire each other, (net)work, share knowledge, meet and train. In addition to the physical space in our building in Wijchen in the Netherlands, there is a handy Meshallen app; this unique initiative gives us a large reach on social media. All this with one important goal: to make education better by bringing all the stakeholders and experts together.

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We organise regular seminars and theme days for all types of education. We invite experts on, for example, educational innovation, evolving learning environments, moving learning, identity & image of schools and the 21st century school building. In an informal setting, they share their knowledge and exchange ideas with professionals from the sector.


Research with education

What will the educational environment of the future look like? How do educational trends influence the physical learning environment? With a large group of experts from education, science and housing, we make our knowledge and experience available for a research project. We research issues relating to educational developments that arise from the day-to-day practice of education together with the education sector, experts and graduates. Students from secondary vocational education, higher professional education and universities work towards valuable insights to renew the educational environment with their research in three stages Share, Explore, Experience (SEE). As the initiator of the research community, we organise one or more meetings each year around a topical subject, where students can present their research results.

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