Future-proof furniture

Life time extension

Of course, we are happy to assist in finding the most circular way of treating existing furniture and in the (re)supplying of circular furniture. But because every action has a certain environmental impact, no single circular option can compete with postponing or even completely avoiding the purchase of a new interior. However, this requires a few prerequisites. The most important of these is that the furniture is timeless, both visually as well as technically and functionally. Other aspects, such as a modular structure that facilitates the making of any adjustments, are also important contributors to this.

Continuous development and anticipation

In design

Our R&D department continuously improves all our products, for example in terms of sturdy quality without compromising on appearance. A modular design is also essential, as this enables the disassembly of furniture into individual components made of a single material. This is a prerequisite for the circular processing (revitalisation, revision, re-use or recycling) of the furniture after the useful life. Furthermore, we are in close contact with the world of education and related organisations. As a result, we are always well informed and up-to-date on the market’s changing preferences regarding the functionality of furniture and interiors. We are often even at the forefront of the development of products that meet the wishes and requirements of the future. Thus, we anticipate the demands of tomorrow and ensure future-proof designs.

Premium materials, high-quality processing

In production

We work closely together with our local raw material suppliers. We have selected them on the basis of quality, sustainability and social responsibility, and we know them well. As a result, we are assured of eco-friendly, high-quality materials. Manufacturing flaws are prevented by the highly robotised process and the many quality checks carried out by all of our factory employees. All these factors contribute to a longer lifespan for our furniture.

Better safe than sorry

In use

Our commitment to the longest possible lifespan does not stop once the furniture has been installed at our clients’ premises. Throughout the entire phase of use, you can rely on an extensive service package that will allow you to enjoy a beautiful, sustainable interior for a longer period of time. This includes extensive instructions for use, cleaning and maintenance, as well as tailor-made advice on floor coverings and a preventive maintenance contract. These measures prevent unnecessary wear through incorrect use and ensure that maintenance is carried out in good time. The result is an even longer life for our furniture.

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