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Using the Bloxi element, kids can learn in a lying, sitting or standing position. Bloxi is the perfect answer to active learning with particular attention to pedagogy and multi-functionality. As a bench, Bloxi can easily be used to create a circle (12 pieces for a whole circle), but it can also become a (work) table, a storage space, a place to concentrate or play, and more. When sitting on the wide side, children can store their bags in the hollow back. They can use Bloxi as a low table to work on their knees, or as an angled work table while standing or sitting on a chair. Inside the hollow, they can retreat to focus on their work or, rather, to play and work together. The lightweight element is also very manageable, so moving the Bloxi is literally child’s play!

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  • Equipped with recess with bracket
  • Equipped with footrest
  • Equipped with handle
  • Durable and recyclable, Dutch manufacturer

Colors and decors

CPL colours

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Main Line Flax


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Xtreme Plus

EM-line colours fabric bulletin board

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The whole thing is made of a completely recycled and recyclable plastic. After the life cycle of the element, this polypropylene plastic is granulated, heated and without loss of material moulded into a new product, perhaps even a new Bloxi! This 100% circular plastic is made in the multicoloured ‘confetti’ version. The front of the element has a recess with a bracket for storing two matching cushions, which make it even more comfortable for kids to work with the Bloxi. The bracket/handle/footrest is made of 100% recyclable steel with a high-quality and solvent-free powder coating in the colour Grafit metallic. All materials are free from heavy metals, volatile organic compounds and solvents and fully comply with EN71-3.

Good work

The Pillows Siza

The accompanying cushions can be ordered in a ‘magic box’ of 15 in any color and, like Bloxi itself, are a very responsible choice. They are made by customer workers at Siza’s sheltered workshop ‘De Buitenplaats’ in Arnhem from fabric scraps and foam fillings from our own factory. In this way, they contribute to waste avoidance and social employment.


"Ideal for the flexible and optimal use of a classroom"

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