Felt Relax

154 gerecyclede PET-flessen

Felt is a modern and circular chair range featuring a unique material: bio-felt made from recycled PET plastic. 154 PET bottles are given a new life with every seat shell! Making this chair a perfect fit for circular furnishing concepts. This material is not only environmentally conscious, it also absorbs sound well and it looks beautiful! As a result, the chair is ideally suited to areas with a sophisticated appearance and high traffic, such as entrance halls, lounges and visitor areas.

The name says it all: this chair is made for relaxing. The cushions in the back and on the seat have a different composition to guarantee optimal seating comfort. The recesses and folds of the shell ensure that the chair remains strong and sturdy with a minimum of material. The shell is available with or without head support and there are three different frames to choose from.

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Product information


  • Pressed felt shell made from recycled PET plastic
  • Uni-colour shell in light grey or anthracite, with or without head rest
  • Frame: choice between 16 mm metal tubular frame, 50 mm beech four-legged frame and swivelling metal cross base with auto-return
  • Epoxied metal parts, stained or lacquered wooden parts
  • Back and seat cushion upholstered
  • Optionally available with plastic or felt glides
  • Complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and guidelines FSC, PEFC, Ecolabel and Oeko-Tex

Different bases


Firstly, Felt Relax can be fitted with the same tubular frame as Felt Fine, for a slender and minimalist look. By using the same chair with a stained or varnished wooden frame, a more homely character is created. Because the shell on this frame is only supported at four points, it appears to be floating on air and it is a shell that moves ergonomically and flexibly with the user. Finally, there is a rotatable four-star base made of powder-coated metal or polished aluminium. After use, the shell on this base automatically rotates back to its original position, so that the chair is always turned ‘right’.

Stray plastic

Plastic Whale

For the Felt range, we work together with Plastic Whale, the world’s first ‘plastic fishing company’. Plastic Whale first started out in 2011 by retrieving plastic from the Amsterdam canals, and has since become active in many more locations. They clean up litter, reduce the problem of plastic soup and at the same time provide us with raw materials. The PET plastic is shredded and pressed into the felt of the Felt seat. By using these chairs in an educational environment, you will have very sustainable furniture with a remarkable story! Additionally, you will also be supporting Plastic Whale in their efforts to have plastic-free waters, not only in the Netherlands but also in developing countries since 3% of the sales of this collection is donated directly to the organisation.

Four layers of Felt


The shell of the Felt chairs is made of four layers of felt. This is unique in the market today. As a result, Felt not only has the most exceptional seat shell, but also the strongest! Thanks to its solid construction, this seat shell also allows for a wide variety of chair models. This makes Felt very versatile, from entrance area to concentration workplace and from visitor area to team room. The various components are screwed instead of glued, so that all parts can be (dis)assembled for maintenance, repairs and optimal circular processing after the period of use.

Felt Relax:

"Made to relax!"

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