Lola island table

Asymmetrical curves

Organic shapes bring a playful, friendly and natural feel to the interior. No wonder that the demand for organically designed furniture from the education sector is increasing. With the new Lola island table, we are now meeting this demand even better. This group table has a playful and natural appearance with many asymmetrical curves. Thanks to the clever frame construction, with the legs positioned on the ‘corners’ as far as possible, the table still offers room for 7 chairs or stools on four different sides.

Despite its name, the island table does not stand alone. The table is part of the Lola range and is a perfect match for the existing, semi-circular single Lola tables. As a result, an endless array of organic shapes can easily be created. This becomes even easier if the Lola tables are fitted with two castors, which makes moving them around literally child’s play. In addition, the island table combines perfectly with our DeKring benches to complete the organically shaped configuration

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  • Features playful and natural shape
  • Features a smart frame construction
  • Perfectly combinable with the existing, semi-rigid single Lola tables.
  • Durable and recyclable, Dutch made

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"Organic shapes give any decor a playful, friendly and natural feel"

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