Flexibility and creativity

Primary school Werlte Emsland


At the Werlte primary school in Emsland, about 450 children are currently taught by special education teachers.

In addition to the teaching staff, the class is seen there as a third educator. We at Eromesmarko have planned and implemented this goal together with the primary school.

The focal point of the concept is our All-In-One cabinet, which provides space for each pupil’s schoolbag and has its own drawer for each pupil.
Because the drawers can be stored at the workstations, no table space is wasted and the pupils can change workstations flexibly.


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In addition, the removable panels on the wall unit can be used in a dual function. On the one hand, as doors for the open compartments and, on the other, as a 360-degree presentation surface for pupils and teachers.

The moveable Levo chairs with footrest also contribute to flexibility in the classroom. This makes the workstations quickly adaptable to any age group. The matching desks are equipped with wheels so that they can be moved quickly and quietly during the lesson.

De Kring

The circle table was chosen as the table of the class and the place of central meeting. There, the teacher has the same (small) distance to the children and the closeness is also felt by them, thus creating cooperative teaching.

In the staff room, too, everyone has distanced themselves from a fixed workplace. The room is divided into smaller and larger conference zones, where everyone can sit according to their needs. In addition, a closet system with a letterbox for each teacher was installed in the teachers’ room, so that the students can easily communicate with their teachers even after class.

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