From library to empty space in two minutes

Babel Bibliotheek Vught – Stichting De Petrus

New function

Reading, working, playing, learning

More and more buildings are being given a new purpose, including the monumental Petrus Church in Vught. Here some seven Vught citizens put their heads together to prevent demolition. The result is the beating cultural heart of the municipality; a place where young and old come together. The perfect place in Vught to meet, read, work, play and learn. This multifunctional accommodation is where the five users mix their services on one floor in the church. While looking for library books, you can also walk through the Vughts Museum and learn about the history of Vught. You’ll pass by people playing billiards and maybe buy something at the booth of the Fair Trade Shop.

Questions about this project?
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Innovative library system

Together with architect Jan David Hanrath, Eromesmako furnished the library. We designed a library cabinet especially for this project, which we produce in our own factory in the Netherlands. The space is multifunctional and it had to be possible to make it available for events. This was an important requirement. We solved this problem by placing all the bookcases in the central part of the building on a rail. Within the blink of an eye an open space of more than 600 m2 is created.

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