Contemporary, biophilic and everything under one roof

Campus aan de Lanen, Rosmalen

Meet the world in the most sustainable child centre in Den Bosch (the Netherlands)

Contemporary and comprehensive concept

A unique new school has been established in the town of Rosmalen: Campus aan de Lanen (Campus along the Avenues). A contemporary concept in which day care, primary and secondary education work together. The result is a care and education environment for children aged 0 to 15 under one roof. The motto is “At Campus aan de Lanen, you grow from baby to teenager; that’s where you meet the world!” We are proud to have had the privilege of contributing to this magnificent, most sustainable child centre in the municipality of Den Bosch.

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A green indoor design, both in terms of colour and sustainability

Biophilic design

Biophilic design was a guiding principle in this project. In other words, throughout the building and its interior, the emphasis has been on creating a green environment. Consequently, sustainability was a very important factor in the interior design. The Vpax table, for instance, was used in a number of places with Hemp chairs. These have a shell made of home-grown hemp and a bio-resin. This material is bio-based, reusable and therefore 100% circular. Many train benches and seating elements incorporate recycled wood in their robust frames. Furthermore, the Finn chair, with a seat and back made of regenerated polypropylene that is also 100% reusable, has been placed in areas such as ‘the nest’. Finally, circular accessories from our label Zooi were used, such as the pendant lamp Jul. Made from residual materials from our own factory.

Plenty of freedom in choosing where to learn and work

Modern teaching concept

At Campus aan de Lanen, a modern teaching concept is used, characterised by unit- and experience-based education. The interior design plan involved detailed consideration of colours, materials and matching furniture and accessories. For instance, the traditional student sets have been almost completely left out; instead, students choose a place on the floor, at standing tables, group tables, ottomans, lounge seats, near a flexible stage and so on. This creates an inspiring and stimulating layout that is boosted even more by an environment with lots of wall visuals, window and floor stickers, planters, rugs, and so on.

The desired furniture variety was created by including a large selection of different stools, chairs, tables, lounge and seating elements. Our modular Bühne stage system adds maximum flexibility to the creation of many different ways of working. Our Industrial trolleys are also very versatile. These, like the matching Level cabinets and Mocho stools, come in the same natural shades of green.

Outdoor life and learning

Key points

The end result is spacious and light, but also inviting, warm and comfortable. The concept, which lets children have a wide choice of different workstations and positions, helps to stimulate and challenge them. Much attention has been paid to learning while moving, for instance with a dedicated exercise room. Furthermore, we have created areas with a specific theme such as the wonder square and the story court. Emphasis has also been placed on the relationship between indoors and outdoors with a strong focus on green, natural and biophilic design. Learning, playing and moving outdoors is an important part of the education at Campus aan de Lanen anyway: children discover, explore and learn in and from nature and the neighbourhood. That is how the pupils of Campus aan de Lanen are encouraged to meet the world in the best possible way!

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