Modernisation of educational facilities

Christelijke Hogeschool, Ede

Old & new

Professional educational environment

Increasing student numbers and a growing need to both modernise and enhance sustainability prompted the Christelijke Hogeschool in Ede (CHE) to overhaul all of its educational facilities.

The new building is a beautiful, professional learning, working and living environment: a new vibrant heart, transparent and inviting. The new building was connected to the ‘old’ with a footbridge. The existing atrium has been enlarged, with a view of the surrounding area and a connection to the new entrance lobby. This has created an inner street where education, meeting and relaxation come together.

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Own heart

Grouping of activities

The various study courses, housed in academies, were each given their own ‘heart’ with a personal atmosphere and identity in the new interior. The educational activities are bundled in the transparent new building: classrooms, lecture halls, project-based areas and meeting places.

The basis for awarding the project to Eromesmarko was a European tender. For this beautiful project we worked together with Ex Interiors and with Piet Plug and Henk Langerak of the CHE.

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