Renovation in existing building without a learning plaza

Daltonschool de Evenaar, Oss

Freedom of choice

Innovation in a traditional school building

Daltonschool De Evenaar in Oss operated in an existing building with a traditional setting, and was in need of modernisation in 2019: in particular, more diversity in working methods for the students. In contrast to newly built schools, where the layout already includes wide corridors and large learning plazas, the existing building of De Evenaar has narrow corridors and no space for learning plazas. In order to offer the students freedom of choice, it was decided to apply various forms of work in the classroom.

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Tapping into the potential of a large classroom

A large instruction circle was placed in the classroom for the start of the day. After the instruction, the students are allowed to find their own place in the classroom. With triangular tables we created silent workplaces and as discussion and collaboration workplaces we created active standing places with high stools.

Compartment set-up

Working quietly, alone and together

To be able to work quietly both individually and in groups, we made a ‘luxury’ compartment set-up in the classroom. The train bench is upholstered with Stamskin: the upholstery is easy to clean and gives a cosy atmosphere to the classroom.

At De Evenaar in Oss, Eromesmarko was able to demonstrate that we like to think in terms of solutions and opportunities. Also nice that this school received publicity thanks to an article in the Brabants Dagblad newspaper!

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