Eromesmarko unburdens De Kempel with restyling teaching areas

De Kempel University of Applied Sciences, Helmond

Eromesmarko unburdens De Kempel with restyling teaching areas

Flexible, functional and with the right look & feel

De Kempel University of Applied Sciences presents itself as ‘The PABO where you feel at home’. With about 1,030 students and 115 employees, De Kempel is a small university of applied sciences and a medium-sized PABO (training college for primary school teachers). Its relatively modest size helps students quickly feel at home. In 2022, Eromesmarko was asked by De Kempel to redesign the Craft Lab, drama room and First Lego League area.

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Craft Lab

The university wanted this space in the beautiful monastery building to have a flexible layout and to accommodate different group sizes. There was also a request to better ‘frame’ equipment and technical tools, to create a place for a green screen, to have more storage space and to improve the acoustics. Furthermore, the new look & feel should inspire and motivate students as imaginative creators.


Eromesmarko’s interior design studio created a new floor plan. All technology, tools and equipment have been gathered in a transparent, soundproof room below the atrium and fitted with the necessary safety devices and an air exhaust system. The walls of this room are formed by a large number of cabinets dedicated to storage and presentation.

In addition, we made the open space multifunctional and flexible by opting for stackable chairs and mobile coupé benches, folding tables and sit/stand tables. This makes this area of the Craft Lab perfect for presentations, instruction, brainstorming and group work in various group sizes.

First Lego League area

Located in the attic of the monastery building, the First Lego League space was also redesigned after structural renovations. We created a flexible layout space here, suitable for instruction and collaboration. Here, Lego fanatics can work on Lego League Mindstorms competition tables and store their materials in lockable storage cabinets.

Circular furnishing

Circular furnishing is at the heart of Eromesmarko. For each project, we choose whether to reuse existing furniture or to use new circular furniture. A good example is the Eromesmarko Finn chair. The Finn’s plastic back and seat are composed of at least 95% post consumer regenerate and are 100% recyclable. Our production is sustainable with materials from local suppliers, we work with recycled materials as much as possible and we use certified wood.

Drama room

The drama room required a large free play floor, as well as an arrangement with tables and chairs for working and instruction. We created a multifunctional and flexible space here by using mobile furniture and light, stackable chairs. There is an extra-long coupé bench along one wall for audience members and the entire back wall is fitted with high lockable cabinets, to provide proper and safe storage of all materials.

“The flexibility, functionality and the Look & Feel are perceived as very pleasant by both students and teachers and they provide a positive contribution to the quality of education.”

Robert Verbruggen, Chairman of the Executive Board

The role of Eromesmarko

We determined the requirements and preconditions in consultation with the client. Our design specialist then drew up a Programme of Requirements. On that basis, the interior design studio made creative designs for the various rooms, always in close contact with the client and users. We always took the lead in terms of planning, selections, managing third parties and so on, to make sure that the client was completely unburdened.


The final result of this refurbishment at De Kempel University of Applied Sciences has been very well received by all users. The three rooms now fully meet the requirements of the university in terms of acoustics, functionality, flexibility and atmosphere. The three creative rooms definitely encourage students to be more creative, to experiment and to express themselves, and thanks to their flexibility they are also very versatile.

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