Contemporary new building for school with history

Frits Philips Lyceum Mavo, Eindhoven


A distinct identity

The Frits Philips Lyceum Mavo is named after Mr Philips, President of the Eindhoven electronics group. The school was created by the merger of the Lyceum Bisschop Bekkers and the Christiaan Huygens College in Eindhoven and it accommodates 1,650 students.

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Translate vision

Adapting to a new world

How do children develop and how do you translate that into a building? That was the essence of the new building for Frits Philips lyceum-mavo in Eindhoven, a school for secondary education. The upper and lower grades have their own staircases and they remain separated from each other, so that the younger students can get used to the ‘new world’ at their own pace and from their own home base.

Home base

Identity translated into design

In the new housing there is a lot of attention for the small scale, development of the students and personal contact between teacher and students. The building has learning areas with personal lockers and workplaces, which function as a personal home base. The identity of the school has been translated into the interior, with pure materials and a nostalgic reference to the past. Clear language of form and a warm functional environment to ensure recognisability. The school hall has different areas with various heights. Each area has its own character; from secluded to more open and with interactive spots.

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