Renovation and refurbishment in the heart of Amsterdam

Havo de Hof, Amsterdam

Renovate and innovate

Custom redesign

At Havo De Hof the students develop themselves with a talent programme that is interwoven throughout the entire course. A safe and pleasant atmosphere in the school is very important to the students. In order to achieve this, the building has been stripped and rearranged, in part under the supervision of a student work group.

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The community work group decides

We created learning plazas for all six floors of the building. Each floor has a different learning year, giving the students a separate space together. Here they work during but also after class. The lockers are integrated in the workplaces and each floor has its own colour palette. Appearance and functionality were leading for the community work group, including the students.

Rooftop terrace

A school yard on the roof

In the city centre of Amsterdam there is no room for a school yard adjacent to the building. That’s why we made a school yard on the roof of the building. From there you have a great view of the whole of Amsterdam, from the Tropenmuseum to the Amsterdam Arena.

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