Room to grow

IKC De Regenboog (The Rainbow)

Ribbons and a pair of scissors

The festive opening

Located in a beautiful new building on the edge of Dordrecht city centre, ICC De Regenboog was festively opened earlier this year. The building houses a primary school, a pre-school playgroup and a day-care centre. It was a big party, with ribbons, dancing toddlers and a giant pair of scissors.

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A happy partnership

Project approach

During the first meeting, the team from De Regenboog was given a tour of the Wijchen factory. Not only was the furniture examined in detail, everyone present got a good glimpse of our working methods in the factory as well. Next, we translated this into the interior design. Guided by the school vision, floor plans and a constructive conversation, all the areas were designed to meet the requirements of the school. Furthermore, Eromesmarko also made a site visit to Dordrecht to make sure the furniture was indeed suitable for the various spaces.

This way of working together as well as the professional recommendations worked well for De Regenboog. They describe it as “a pleasant partnership, in which one was attentive to our requirements but also indicated whether something was ‘practical’ or not.” The mutual contact is also praised and described as “very friendly, open to questions and accessible”.

Learning from and with each other in quiet surroundings

The concept

At ICC De Regenboog, pupils work in units in which they learn from and with each other. They use the flexible workstations to work with each other in different ways. The Eromesmarko furniture supports this: “Eromesmarko’s furniture contributes to a quiet atmosphere and aligns with the education we offer. The instructional circles ensure high engagement and opportunities for interaction.”

Pupils also like the new school: “The pupils experience a nice, bright and uncluttered working environment.” In short: “a collaboration where we collectively look at the educational concept to shape it within an appropriate learning and working environment.” This has created a wonderful child centre that gives the school and the pupils all the space they need to grow.


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