Old school building becomes entirely new building without walls

OBS Route 0513, Heerenveen

New building

Open spaces and tailor-made education

Personalised learning pathways, tailored to the talents and needs of the students, require a specific use of the school building. For OBS Route 0513, a new building without classrooms has been created where students can work in flexible group layouts and are free to choose their own workplace. A very special building and furnishing issue!

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Perfect vision

The ultimate interior design

For the lower, middle and upper grades, consisting of several basic groups, the wishes of OBS Route 0513 have been translated into the perfect vision for the school. We chose the perfect furniture for the various subject areas. This allows every child to choose a suitable place for the activity. It provided the confidence to realise this ultimate furnishing with Eromesmarko.

Flexible group structure

Starting the day together

In a basic group, children from different academic years work together on various subjects. The joint start of the day takes place at the deKring tables. Afterwards, the children continue to work independently or in smaller groups. Depending on their personal educational needs, all kinds of fun places are set up for this purpose.

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