Blueprint with room for users' wishes

The Hague University of Applied Sciences, location Delft

Blueprint with room for users' wishes

Distinctive 'The Hague' in high-tech Delft

As a long-term furnishing partner of The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS), Eromesmarko has been furnishing the five THUAS locations in the Dutch cities of The Hague, Delft and Zoetermeer since 2017. THUAS is working with a Masterplan for the interior (renovation and furnishing) of its main location in The Hague. Efforts will be made towards an THUAS-wide Masterplan in the near future, with differences in accent per location. In the meantime, THUAS asked Eromesmarko to make recommendations for the THUAS location in Delft.

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The assignment

Initially, our studio made a design for the restaurant of the Delft location at the request of THUAS. The design and colours worked really well, and in 2022 we were asked to design the atrium in the same style. Subsequently, the study landscape on the first floor was up for a new design and, based on our Eromesmarko vision, we were asked to furnish more study landscapes at THUAS Delft.

Circular furnishing

Circular furnishing is at the heart of Eromesmarko. For each project, we choose whether to reuse existing furniture or to use new circular furniture. A good example is the Eromesmarko Finn chair. The Finn’s plastic back and seat are composed of at least 95% post consumer regenerate and are 100% recyclable. Our production is sustainable with materials from local suppliers, we work with recycled materials as much as possible and we use certified wood.

The role of Eromesmarko

In collaboration with our long-term partner THUAS, Eromesmarko designed the ‘blueprint’ for the interior of the Delft location. The selected colours are fixed – they fit well with the technical nature of the Delft studies. However, users can indicate their specific requirements for each room: additional benches, more standing tables, a different layout, and so on. Based on our expertise as educational furnishers, we assume the role of consultant, designer, supplier and furnisher in this project.

The result

Gathering, meeting or working, sitting high or low, working in a project group or as an individual, on your own laptop or desktop PC: it is all possible in the ‘new’ auditorium. The colours (as in the restaurant) are kept relatively neutral, with fresh accents. The furniture is flexible, which means that it can be (partially) rearranged during events. The outdoor area is furnished with Take a Break so students can also have their lunch or work outside.

“The relationship with Eromesmarko is pleasant. The company is actively involved and the product range of Eromesmarko includes the most common furnishing elements”

Marjolein Korving, Facility Management and IT, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

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