The Vening Meinesz building A

University of Utrecht

Learning and working environment

Innovation and sustainability

The Vening Meinesz building A is an inspiring learning and working environment for employees and master’s students of the Utrecht Faculty of Geosciences. In line with the UU’s ambition, the building has been designed with a focus on innovation and sustainability. The building was designed by architectural firm Inbo Rotterdam. The inspiration came from folded earth layers and geological deformations. The office floors above, which look introvert on the outside, have a spatially dynamic interior thanks to a large atrium that rotates a quarter turn per floor.

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Pleasant acoustic environment

There are many open and communal areas in the building, which places certain demands on the acoustics of the building. The use of acoustic partitions and acoustic phone booths has created a pleasant acoustic environment. Behind a two-layered transparent balustrade lie the most public functions of the building. Here, employees can take a moment’s distance from the working environment in different atmospheres. The workplaces in this area are mostly fitted with sitting and standing options.

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