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Social responsibility

A sustainable choice

As creators, we take our social responsibility seriously. The choices we make, the raw materials and materials we use, the way we produce: it all affects the world around us. And therefore also on the future of the toddlers who now sit on the chairs we make. That is why our focus has been on the stimulation of a circular economy for many years now.

Below you can read what that means to us.

Design: a long life and recycling

The starting point for all our designs is a favourable life cycle analysis (LCA), in other words: as little environmental impact as possible from raw material to waste. We design with a minimum of materials that are 100% recyclable, easy to separate, infinitely reusable or harmless to break down. We are increasingly incorporating recycled and bio-based raw materials into our designs. For example, our popular Loft tables have frames made from waste steel and legs made from residual wood, and the seat and back of our Volta and Delta chairs have been made from a bio-composite of sugar beet and corn, reinforced with jute.

Production: environmentally friendly material, saving waste and energy

Our factories are designed to produce sustainably; our production location in Wijchen is one of the most sustainable factories in the Netherlands. We make our furniture entirely in the Netherlands and work as much as possible with environmentally friendly materials, raw materials and means of production. Despite the annual growth, we have been able to reduce our energy consumption and the amount of waste every year. We use practically all the steel waste from our factory as a raw material for circular home accessories under the brand name ZOOI. Leftovers from our upholstery as well as fabrics from returned furniture are used in acoustic walls and packaging blankets.

Transport: smart logistics in-house

We keep the logistics under our own management to make use of all opportunities to work sustainably. With the use of environmentally friendly long freight combinations and a smart logistics system, we reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 50%. In addition, we work with 100% sustainable packaging materials.

Design advice: the best choices for the future
Sustainability is of paramount importance to us, which is why we are happy to provide our customers with future-proof recommendations. When furnishing an educational environment, we always look at whether we can reuse existing furniture and provide advice on the smart use, cleaning and maintenance of our products. Of course, you can also research and determine for yourself which furnishings are the most sustainable for your situation, for example with the independent tool of INSIDE/INSIDE.

Reuse: ‘discarded' = valuable

We do not regard your old furniture as waste. Is it technically still in working order? Then we will make sure it is put to good use. Discarded furniture is refurbished, or we use the material as a raw material in other products. We draw inspiration from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We also take our own products back for reuse after a long lifespan.

Initiatives: together for more circularity
By 2030 we don´t want any more waste coming from our factories and only use raw materials that are 100% recyclable or biodegradable. We achieve this great ambition by joining forces with other conscious furniture manufacturers. Together we discover the possibilities of the circular economy through our research platform Green Furniture Circle. We gladly welcome organisations and (students of) educational institutions to contribute their thoughts on sustainability issues.

Sustainable home accessories


A 100% Dutch accessory brand, made from waste, that is Zooi! The products are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. Zooi wants to create ambiance in your home or work environment in a sustainable way with Dutch produced interior design. Zooi uses residual material from our factories to create beautiful accessories for the living and working environment. It is one of the sustainable initiatives with which we reduce waste and consciously work towards a better world. Eye-catching items with a story to tell, that is what Zooi is all about.

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