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We believe that a new perspective and approach will result in new solutions. Solutions in which educational furniture is more than just a table or chair to work on. Together with educational institutions, Eromesmarko develops creative furnishing concepts that contribute to educational innovation and improvement. We make the learning environment challenging, flexible and sustainable. Together we make learning come alive.

About us

Design of new building

Graafschap College, Doetinchem

The school building is structured around a large, central atrium, the floor of which rises in steps.

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For educational innovators

The Meshallen

Eromesmarko is the initiator and member of the Meshallen: the number one platform (physical and virtual) where education, government and businesses come together to inspire each other, (net)work, share knowledge, meet and train. In addition to the physical space in our building in Wijchen in the Netherlands, there is a handy Meshallen app; this unique initiative gives us a large reach on social media. All with one important goal: to make education better by bringing all the stakeholders and experts together.

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