Blue Finn

surgical waste

The Blue Finn wire frame chair is a highly stackable, multifunctional chair with a plastic seat and back made from at least 85% recycled Bluewrap (wrapping for keeping medical instruments sterile).

Precision, reliability and optimum hygiene is literally a matter of life and death. The supply of sterile instruments for operating theatres is therefore also a top priority for hospitals. To keep these instruments sterile, they are covered with wrapping material, in many cases: Bluewrap. And although this waste material cannot be prevented, reducing waste is an important objective for every hospital.

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  • plastic backing and seat made from at least 85% recycled Bluewrap
  • 100% recyclable
  • powder coated steel wire frame (12 mm)
  • stackable
  • completely made in the region


The raw material

Bluewrap consists of 100% polypropylene, so-called meltblown and spunbond homopolypropylene. Bluewrap does not look like plastic but rather like a fibrous material. Nevertheless, polypropylene is easy to recycle. However, it does require a different recycling process than, for example, the recycling of PET bottles. Bluewrap is used, discarded and then collected in cooperation with a waste collector.


Creating value

Every year, thousands of kilos of Bluewrap are thrown away. A shame! That is what the hospitals think and that is what we think as well! That is why we, together with Bywyd and our other chain partners, have looked for a solution to process this residual material.

Hospitals LUMC and Meander are – just like the Green OR and waste processor PreZero – involved in the process from the beginning. Social work and development company Tiem is helping to remove the tape and injection-moulding company Timmerije is making the new parts for the chair.

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