Hemp Fine

Hemp and resin

Hemp is the first chair range in the world with a seat shell made completely of plant-based and biodegradable material. It consists of hemp grown at our GreenField in Emmen and a bio-resin from our partner Plantics. This completely organic, vegetable and recyclable material was even chosen as ‘Most renewable material of the year 2021’ at the global Renewable Materials Conference!

The Hemp Fine merges the circularity and design of the Felt range with a slender tubular frame that closely follows the contours of the organically shaped shell. The metal four-legged frame is available with or without armrests. This chair is stackable and therefore ideal for seminars or events, and can be stored away compactly.

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Product information


  • Shell made from 100% plant-based and organic hemp fibre and resin and finished with linseed oil
  • Stackable metal four-legged frame with or without armrests
  • Optionally available with seat cushion and leg caps with felt glides
  • Epoxy coated metal parts
  • Complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, NEN EN 16139 and guidelines Ecolabel and Oeko-Tex

For ever


The primary raw material for the Hemp chair shell is hemp fibre. We grow the hemp ourselves, without using artificial fertiliser or pesticides and with minimum watering. The benefits of this material are its strength, the fact that it grows locally (in our nursery in Emmen) and absorbs rather than emits CO2 during production. As a result, this chair has a negative carbon footprint.

This chair is extremely circular, not only in production but also after the period of use. While the shells are 100% biodegradable, we prefer to reuse them. By shredding the shells and pressing them into the desired shape again, a new chair can be made without adding chemicals or new raw materials. Again and again, without sacrificing quality. Making the Hemp the first infinite chair!

Hemp Fine:

"Something that was not possible before!"

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