Experience and expertise

Lockers for every environment

We work together with the Lockerfabriek, specialists in lockers; with years of experience and expertise.

The Lockerfabriek

The Lockerfabriek is a 100% Dutch manufacturer and a specialist in the area of locker design. They are based in Wijchen, where the specialism of educational furnishing is housed. The metal lockers are produced in the factory in Emmen and the wooden lockers come from the factory in Hoogeveen.

Each environment, whether it is a university, office, gym or care institution, has its own specific wishes and needs with regard to personal storage. Since the production of the lockers takes place entirely in the Netherlands, the Lockerfabriek can adapt quickly, offer good support in the efficient and customer-friendly facilitation of personal storage and respond appropriately to wishes and needs. By complementing the high-quality products with high-quality services, the Lockerfabriek has a suitable solution for every environment.

For more information, please visit www.delockerfabriek.nl.

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