Unique book system for a multifunctional library building

Bibliotheek Centrum Deventer


Over 50,000 books

The new Bibliotheek Centrum was commissioned by the municipality of Deventer. NV Maatschappelijk Vastgoed is the owner and the Bibliotheek Deventer is the user. The former SNS building (Stromarkt 18) was demolished, except for the cellars. During the construction of the new building, a connection was made with the monumental Stromarkt 19 building. There are more than 50,000 books here, but the library is about so much more. It is a place where people meet each other. A place that challenges people to work hard and become wiser.

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Meet, play, discover, study, relax

On the ground floor, in addition to a corner café, there is room for debate and meetings. In the children’s book section you will find play elements in a landscape resembling the river IJssel and its landscape. There is an innovation plaza with work benches and (changing) appliances. Visitors can become acquainted with technology and science. With no less than 400 study places, the library offers everyone a place to study. There are silent workplaces and even on the rooftop terrace there are laptop connections. A theatre and a living room cinema have been created in the basement.

Pendulum cabinet

Modern and innovative bookcases

Jan David Hanrath was chosen by the Bibliotheek Deventer as interior architect for this project. We worked with him on the interior design. Among other things, this collaboration resulted in modern, innovative bookcases: transparent frameworks with library materials and vistas. They meander across the building layers in three dimensions, creating rooms with different functions.

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