Improving the acoustics as a purpose for the design plan.

De Vaart, Oosterbeek


Accommodation for two organisations

De Vaart – Vierbeek College offers educational housing to two organisations: De Vaart and Het Vierbeek College. In this centre, both primary and secondary special education is given to children and young people with behavioural and developmental problems.

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Age differences

Two atmospheres in one building

The interior of the building reflects the differences in age. The young children are in a cosy area with lots of colour and secluded corners. The part for secondary education really has the character that goes with it. Tough, mature and with a large central space. The acoustics in the central part of the building were very bad.


A good and well-supported plan

Based on the outcome of the research into the acoustics in the building, Eromesmarko drew up a plan to create a better sound environment. The wish was to facilitate a multifunctional use of the space, in which the space is divided into several corners. In a number of workshops we discussed themes such as the interior, the layout of the plaza and building logistics with the people involved. This enabled us to work at a steady pace towards a good and well-supported plan.

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