Safety, respect and responsibility

Dynamica XL, Wormerveer

On the Noordsterweg

The project

Dynamica XL is a school that is dedicated to special needs (primary) education and is located on Noordsterweg in Zaanstad (the Netherlands). They offer educational and behavioural support in small group sizes with an enthusiastic, committed, motivated and skilled team. Individual development perspectives are formulated for all pupils and efforts are made to fully prepare them for secondary education.

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A homely office environment and calm and pleasant classrooms

Dynamica XL

Our design studio played a major role in furnishing Dynamica. The different areas required different furnishings. A homely interior was suitable for the service centre while the educational areas required an interior suitable for pupils with learning and behavioural challenges. The desired serenity is created by using Level trolleys to separate the student workstations. We created plenty of alcoves at this school where pupils can retreat.

The very broad cooperation, both with the service centre and the school, was very much appreciated by Dynamica XL. The beautiful design and the support in terms of consultation and cooperation were also mentioned as important advantages of this collaboration. Another positive aspect was the open line of communication, both during and after the design process.

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