Every child matters

ICC Toermalijn, Wormerveer

Furnishing at the Noordeinde

The project

We have been working very hard to furnish a school in the city of Wormerveer, the ICC Toermalijn. We focused on creating a peaceful and structured learning environment in this school. This gives the school a positive atmosphere and an approachable feel. Which also happen to be the core values of the Toermalijn. We are proud of a beautiful project, completed thanks to excellent cooperation.

Questions about this project?
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Optimal implementation of unit education thanks to new development

ICC Toermalijn

The team at ICC Toermalijn had already done a lot of preliminary work before the project started. A switch to unit education had already been made at the previous location as much as possible. A big advantage because the new building was developed with this concept in mind, and so the interior design and layout could easily be tailored to the wishes and needs of the school and the children.

The result is a layout with a lot of diversity, alcoves and plenty of space for instruction and for independent or cooperative work. We were very pleased with the overall collaboration. There was a lot of commitment to the school and the lines of communication were short, both during the project and now.

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