Shared responsibility and ownership

Waalse Louise de Coligny, Den Haag

Furnishing with plenty of room for personal responsibility

New building, new interior design

The Waalse Louise de Coligny (or The WLC) is a primary school with a high level of attention for its pupils. By working with the Learning Aware (LeerBewust) programme, there is a great emphasis on shared responsibility and ownership of the pupils. This is reflected in the school’s new educational environment. Last year, the school moved into a beautiful new building and, at the same time, opted for a completely new furniture collection. The WLC is making a fresh start with a completely new and newly furnished building.

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Don't shield, but encourage shared responsibility

All materials accessible

We talked to the WLC about all the challenges, opportunities and solutions that emerged during the furnishing process. First of all, the new building offered a great opportunity to perfectly tailor the furniture to the building: ” Because of the move to the new building, we had not invested in the furniture for quite some time. The new building is beautiful, but also a bit traditional and there isn’t much storage space. That’s why we set out to find a solution to address this and incorporate it into the group organisation. We could have closed off everything, but wanted to give the pupils co-responsibility. So now the children have access to their own materials, from notebooks, pens and crayons to all sorts of books and additional materials.”

Harmony in colour and shape

Warm and calm

In terms of appearance, the request of the Waalse Louise de Coligny was to have a calm but at the same time warm interior. “Colour, design, layout, functionality and flexibility were paramount. It was soon determined that we really liked the Multicabinets. Combined with the rest of the furniture, we created a wonderful interior that is harmonised beautifully in colour and shape. The choice for a single table height with chairs in different heights has resulted in a calm and perfectly coordinated appearance throughout the classroom, where the children know exactly how to find their way.”

Solid advice guided by the philosophy of the WLC

Advice and final result

Pupils, parents, teachers and everyone else visiting; all comment on how well the design was chosen. However, the WLC is not only impressed with the end result but also with the road leading up to it: “Eromesmarko contributed in offering solid advice guided by our philosophy, both on the inspiration campus and on our work floor. The same goes for the entire interior design and for brainstorming on product solutions. So, Eromesmarko helped to make learning more fun!”

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