Secondary Vocational Education


Combination of traditional and modern forms of learning and working

In secondary vocational education, we see that traditional forms of teaching in theory classrooms are increasingly being complemented by all kinds of other forms of work. Personalised and demand-driven education is becoming more widespread. Instruction alternates with working independently, in pairs or in groups, and there is room for investigative and project-based working.

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Facilitating educational innovation with design concepts

Eromesmarko understands the specific and evolving vision and working method of secondary vocational education courses and helps attune the educational environment to this. We look ahead and continuously develop creative and innovative furnishing concepts to meet this changing and multifaceted demand. In doing so, it is important to translate the educational vision into a design that is perfectly suited to the working methods and identity of the school. The interior designers of our creative studio support this process with clear interior design proposals, creating the right atmosphere with layout and colour combinations.

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Committed partners in education

Eromesmarko is not just a furniture supplier, but also a proactive and cooperative partner for the educational sector. We are involved in the entire sector and believe that better furnishing solutions lead to better education. Together with partners in the field, we are committed to educational innovation in all kinds of ways. Throughout the Netherlands, we have been furnishing classrooms, active learning classrooms, auditoriums, staff rooms, technology classrooms, boardrooms, administration, etc. for more than a hundred years now. In doing so, we realise that the choices we make as producers influence the world around us. Our focus has therefore been on stimulating a circular economy for many years now.

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