Contemporary, homely and suitable for every activity

Children's centre at the Oosterplas

Help me do it myself

From a clear vision...

The children’s centre at the Oosterplas offers children aged 0 – 13 a place where they can play, grow, discover and learn. The child comes first, with an appreciation for the differences between them and as a good preparation for a meaningful future. The school teaches children relevant knowledge, attitudes and skills and is a Montessori school. At the heart of this type of education is the phrase ‘help me do it myself’ so this was the guiding principle for the new furnishings that Eromesmarko was entrusted with.

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Light, contemporary and fresh actual furnishing

The principles for the new furnishings of the recently built school were light, contemporary and fresh. This perfectly reflects both the school’s vision and the new building. The school wanted children to be able to work at the same height. There was also a need for enough space for the presentation of school themes and projects, and large cabinet walls for extra storage space. On entering the reception area, your attention is immediately drawn to the auditorium. It has a cosy cafĂ© atmosphere with an adjoining library. The different office and meeting rooms are located around this area, each facilitating a different way of working or meeting. The glass walls give the school a very spacious, open and transparent appearance.

From fishbowl to silent zone

Ways of working

The pupils in the classrooms each have their own workstation and can also use various workstations in the learning squares and the so-called ‘fishbowls’. There are also ( silent) workstations in the large cabinet walls. The instruction circle is used for instruction. Themes and projects are presented on the Industrial theme trolley, the large notice boards made of PET felt and/or the EM-line rails. The school has given a lot of attention to the decoration, e.g. with plants, lamps, rugs, and so on. The result is an educational environment that is not only contemporary but also homely and welcoming.

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